Sams Club Remodel #4802-210 Hiram GA

Bid Date: Feb 10, 2020 at 12:00 PM

Project Location:
4798 Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway
Hiram, GA 30141
Project Type: Remodel
Project Size (sq/ft): more than 100,000
Bid Status: OPEN
Special Instructions:
This project consists of Interior Renovations of an existing Sam's Club - 135,249 SF. This will be a PHASED PROJECT with the store remaining open during construction. NIGHT WORK & WEEKEND REQUIRED. Project Start Date is 4/19/2020 & Project Completion Date is 6/26/2020 (10-week duration). A site visit is strongly advised. Please be sure to review our sample certificate of insurance that shall be required; also be aware that Payment and Performance bonds are typically required for any trades providing labor and material exceeding $200k. If you have any questions about these requirement please don’t hesitate to call to discuss. Requirements listed on McCrory website. QUESTIONS submitted through McCrory's Website or directly to Michael Bailey ([email protected]) prior to February 6th in order to be answered prior to bid time. Project Scope: Exterior Improvements: Removal & Replacement of equipment pad and new refrigeration equipment install, ; Building: Selective Interior Demolition, interior slabs, bollards, rails, millwork, doors, walls, ceilings, floor finishes, wallcovering), Chain Link / Ornamental Fence, Remove Existing & Re-caulk sidewalk joints, termite treatment, Concrete Work (Sawcut, Remove & Replace Interior Slab, sidewalk removal & replacement as shown), Polish Floor Where Slab is Replaced (Incl. Floor Joints), FURNISH Structural & Miscellaneous Steel, Structural Steel Erection, Diamond Plate Column Covers, Provide Millwork & Trim Package, Installation of FRP/NRP Package, Roof Work as Required (Flashing at New Roof Penetrations and new rooftop equipment), Misc. Caulking, Ceiling Cleaning & Restoration, Metal Stud Partitions & Drywall (Including Patch & Repair of existing as required for new work), Painting, Wall & Corner Guards, Modifications to Sprinkler system, Modifications to Plumbing, Modifications to HVAC, Modifications to Owner-Furnished Refrigeration, Modifications to Owner-Furnished EMS, Modifications to Electrical. Include ALL Work at Fuel Station as shown.

Specification Manual: Yes
Sheet Size: 30 x 42

  • Addendum #2 - Date Added: Feb 7, 2020


1280 Assembly Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Fax: 803-254-9800
Website: Click Here

Project Manager
Lisa Wyckoff - McCrory Construction Company, LLC
Phone: 803-251-8114
Fax: 803-254-9800
Email: Click Here to Email

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