About LDI Line

First launched in 1991, the LDI Line provides current information on construction projects being bid and built in the southeastern United States. Users can subscribe to receive free daily email updates recapping recent bid activity over a 24 hour period. Digital or hard copy bid packages can be ordered directly from any LDI location for same day delivery locally, nationally, or worldwide. Today LDI plays a key part in the bid process for thousands of architects, general contractors and their sub contractors and material suppliers throughout the southeast.

How the LDI Line Works

Architects, developers, general contractors, and municipalities can list projects they are bidding free on the LDI Line. Listing bid projects on the LDI Line is an effective way to attract a variety of sub contractor trades and material suppliers needed to help compile a winning bid. Unlike other plan room or invitation to bid services, the LDI Line is open to all users. No user IDs or passwords are required. This open source approach helps expand the number of sub contractors and material suppliers willing to bid on LDI Line projects.

For sub contractor trades and material suppliers, the LDI Line is an excellent source for construction project leads. Each LDI Line project features project details, project bidders, and online viewable plans, specifications, and addenda. Digital or hard copy bid packages of any LDI Line project can be ordered from any LDI location. Free daily email updates ensure users are always current regarding new projects, addenda, changing bid dates, and newly added general contractors. The LDI Line currently boasts over 30 thousand subscribers. To get you free subscription click here.

How to Get Started

If you are an architect, developer, general contractor, or municipality wanting to list a project on the LDI Line, simply contact any LDI location to get started. You can either upload your project plans and specifications here or send an invitation to bid email with drawing links to any LDI location. Once your project is listed be sure to keep LDI updated regarding any addenda or bid date changes. For sub contractors and material suppliers simply go the LDI Line which is continuously updated throughout the day. Subscribe here to stay abreast of the last 24 hours of LDI Line activity via free daily email updates.